Video: Diver films humpback whale breaching

Australian photographer and kitesurfer Beau Pilgrim risked it all to film this beautiful close up footage of a humpback whale breaching. Watch the video here. Pilgrim was out at sea with fellow divers when he came across a humpback whale breaching and looking like it was having the time of its life.
The photographer and keen kitesurfer wasted no time and took out his videocamera to film this stunning footage of the cetacean.
Beau Pilgrim was only a few metres away from the whale and managed to video it rising to the surface before leaping into the air and diving back into the water again in this spectacular 30 seconds footage of whale acrobatics.
The photographer and the other divers he was with, can be heard at the end cheering, clearly proud of the amazing images just caught on camera.
He posted this beautiful picture of the humpback whale on his Instagram, clearly over the moon after meeting the playful animal.


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